05. November 2008 
Ok. It's been a while since the last update. I had an internship for half a year at Funatics Software, what was such a great, educational time. Now - fortune smiled on me - they offered me a contract. I still cant really believe that I am kinda living my dream :) I was afraid that I missed the point in time to seriously get in touch with 3d, now its game industry! Great people, great working atmosphere - I'm really gonna hang on!

Sorry, but no news about the ZLink-Section, the amount of data and the lack of a good and easy link management system are bothering me. But the project is not abandoned, I'm gonna work on this! Not many new pics, but here they are (the first 3 pics).
20. January 2008 
So, whats new? I modeled "Shaun, the sheep" for an christmas card in 2007. I also did some prop-modeling lately, exercising technical stuff. You'll find both at the gallery.
18. November 2007 
Almost finished!
Added many newer wips, wrote finally an "about"-text - made the site almost presentable :)

There will be more soon: I will add a comments-box and a contact formular. The link section will be a time-intensive job, but it will be worth the effort. I think about using a seperate domain for it with a similar design. The collection will completely replace zlinks.de.vu, I gonna add alot of Z3 related stuff and there will be no more ads.
12. August 2007 
Long time ago - nothing done on the site...
16. March 2007 
Oh yes, most work is done, the site is online :) added many images of the last years, even some advertisement, I did long ago. Wait and see :)
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